Third/Fourth Grade


US Geography

    I originally planned a Habitat & Animal block for Sophia this month.  Then I looked at what she would be accomplishing throughout the year at the Farm School she is attending and decided we had this block pretty well covered.  Lucky for me I had my year planned and could switch gears fairly easily.   I was a little biased about the block we would do; I love US Geography and could not wait to introduce it.  My earlier plans included maps, regional stories & a few documentaries.  This intention was quickly flipped on its head when I was invited through Facebook to a Pen Pal group.  I jumped at the chance the join and my creative juices started flowing with how I we could incorporate this into our US Geography block. (Social Media and Waldorf. Who Knew?)

   Here is how our US Geography block will look:

Spines:   Stories from Where We Live edited by Sara St. Antoine

                State Names, Seals, Flags & Symbols by Benjamin F. Shearer & Barbara S. Shearer

The United States of America A State-by-State Guide by Millie Miller & Cyndi Nelson

      Maps, Maps & more Maps

   Our pen pals have started sending us postcards from each of the 50 States and we plan to reciprocate to each pal. The intention is to create a main lesson book using each postcards, writing a small summary and decoupaging state symbols to our page.   Four weeks can be problematic for students; especially those experiencing the nine-year change. I plan to incorporate multitude of activates to keep Sophia engaged, but not overwhelmed.

Mom’s contribution to the block:

Share the beauty of our country

Continue our study on birds

Build Sophia’s confidence with her artistic expression, using simple techniques that have a lot of impact.

  We are both in a tizzy about starting this block today.  We picked up more postcards from our post box yesterday. (Fun!!)

*****If anyone is interested in sending us a postcard let me know we would love to receive some from our blog friends.

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