Codename: Zosha a Review ( An Inspiring Story; I loved it)


About the Author: 

Yehudit Kafri Meiri is a 20th-21st century Israeli poet and a writer, as well as editor and translator. She was born in 1935 and lived as a child in Kibbutz Ein HaHoresh, where her parents were founding members. Yehudit belonged to the first group of children born in this kibbutz.

After she got married, she moved to Kibbutz Sasa, where she wrote her first book, The Time Will Have Mercy, which was published in 1962, one year after she moved to Kibbutz Shoval with her family. In Kibbutz Shoval she published a few more poetry books and children’s books and made her first attempt at writing prose including a book describing her childhood memories, All The Summer We Went Barefoot, which was successful and sold several editions.

Yehudit Kafri, mother of three and grandmother of five, has lived since 1989 with her husband in Mazkeret Batya, where she continues to write and publish books of poetry and biographies. In 2003 she published an historical biographic novel, Zosha: from the Jezreel Valley to the Red Orchestra, which tells the life story of Zosha Poznanska, who was a member of the Red Orchestra and eventually killed by the Gestapo. This novel won The Best Literary Achievement of the Year Prize in Israel. It has since been translated and published in English, and in Polish, and lately in Amazon.

Kafri published 9 poetry books and 9 others (children’s books, biographies, and prose). Poems by Yehudit Kafri were published in Hebrew, Arabic, English, Spanish, Croatian and Russian. Kafri has won several literary prizes including the Prime Minister’s prize in 1987, and other prizes.

About the book:

An unsung Jewish heroine of World War II

Her daring activity in the Red Orchestra and the heroic struggle in a Gestapo prison.

Zosha Poznanska was recruited into the Soviet spy network known as the Red Orchestra, which operated in Western Europe. It was on the eve of World Rar II and Zosha was part of the inner core of the network, a third of whose members were Jews. Apparently unaware of the Jews’ participation in the Red Orchestra, Hitler declared, “The Bolsheviks surpass us in one area alone: espionage!” and he commanded his counterspies to eradicate this network at all costs.

This book tells the story of Zosha through all the chapters of her short life: childhood, the Hashomer Hatzair youth movement in Poland, Eretz Israel and the PKP in the 1920s, Europe in the 1930s and the Red Orchestra. It tells her loves, her relationships with family and friends, her daring activity in the Red Orchestra and her heroic struggle in a Gestapo prison. The State of Israel posthumously awarded Zosha a medal of honor for fighting the Nazis.

Zosha Poznanska is an unsung Jewish heroine of World War II. Born in Kalisz Poland, she immigrated to Israel as a pioneer and for a brief time belonged to the group that founded Kibbutz Mishmar Ha’emek. Afterwards, she joined the Palestine Communist Party (Palestiner Kumunistishe Partie in Yiddish, abbreviated PKP), and from 1930 until her death she lived in France and Belgium.

My Review:
I was given this book for my unbiased review and I can honestly say it was one of my favorite WWII books.

What a truly impressive novel. I think this might be one of the most important example of historical WWII; yes I am including Schindler’s List. I enjoyed this book more than others I have read because it is more culturally rich and, frankly, it’s about a strong resilient woman.

I commend the author for bringing this woman’s life and sharing her unbelievable story. Zosha would make an excellent film, but the film needs to show her as strong as she is the in the novel and give the author the respect she deserves for this well written novel. I plan on having our book club read this book in this Fall! 5 STARS

Dolphins Don’t Run e-Book Review

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A little but about the Author:

Sam Brand, 55, is a businessman who has been running for years and found himself captured in the marathon world.  After completing two marathons in New York City, Sam Brand reinvented himself within the animal human world and discovered the secrets of how to escape from the world of marathons and move on to a new, positive sporting life. Sam Brand’s escape to the real world has given him a more satisfying social sporting life. He learned that you only live twice, once when you are born and once when you eliminate the long runs.  Sam Brand believes that, although the peak of the marathons may have been reached, there is a way out from the marathon running jungle world.

When we were asked to review this book I thought we are not marathon runners; neither of us enjoy running.  But if you know our family you are well aware that we are sports fanatics and have no problem taking out my 73 year old dad in a kickball game if it means we get the win(yes Philip did that true story) We believe sports can have an impact on shaping who we are and after reading this book we realized how much they can change us for good and bad.

Sam Brand breaks us down into three different animal types in this very quick read. . Human Ants (The marathon runners), Human Chimps (Those that don’t really run, or do anything else that resembles exercise. I have to admit this was me for a while), and the Human Dolphin (Those of us that like to exercise but still have a passion for life, not exercise obsessed). If I had to choose,one animal type I would say that Philip & I are probably Human Dolphins. We are not much into running, but we do like workout daily and enjoy life. We have even started training for Austin Texas Rugged Maniac the last word in the title says it all!

Sam Brand uses vignettes to describe each type but even though he uses these short descriptions he really gets to the core of each classification; revealing each types pros and cons  I know this book was written to inspire runners to slow down, stop and smell the roses but it really encouraged us to continue our workout routine as well as throw in the challenge of a Tough Mudder. Wish us luck; we are going to need it:)

Even if you’re not a marathon runner or a sports nut this book dares you to ask yourself:”Are you living life to its fullest” We really enjoyed reading it and have now passed it off to our son Logan; this is a wonderful book for teens.

We so appreciate the chance to read this book and we were more then happy to share our very honest review! If you you would like to pick up this book just click the link and ENJOY! Dolphins Don’t Run Marathons: 26.2 loving thoughts on why you should not run a marathon #DolphinsdontRun

Abundantly You! On Purpose In Business: New on Amazon

Here’s the first of many I am hoping from these two amazing authors by Antoinette Sykes & Lisa Marie Pepe ! This book celebrates entrepreneurship, spirituality, wealth, riches and abundance in all areas, which is what happens when you decide to create financial freedom in life. If you’re a woman running a business and want more then Abundantly You! On Purpose In Business: Face The Fear of The Unknown (The Bounceback Series) (Volume 3)needs to placed in your Amazon cart today!

Happy Reading:)

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Saturday Shout-Out Valentines Day Vol.1

Looking for some fun Valentine recipes or simple crafts to share with your kiddos? Below you can read about what some of my friends are doing this Valentines Day ideas. Enjoy 

valentines day 2015





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3. Long Island Parent Source shared a super cute Valentine’s Day Preschool Card Holder Craft


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5. Drugstore Diva’s Kisses For You Jar Craft is incredibly cute!


6. Super fun Valentine Gift from Meet Kitty DIY Pretty Pink Princess Slime


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8. All of these Valentines need to go somewhere Simply Stacy shows us how to create a DIY Valentine Box


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10. Gotta an end on a sweet note:) Meet Kitty makes the list a again with her Valentine Sweetheart S’mores Recipe



What types of delights are you baking up or creating this Valentines Day? Share below ♥

We Love Snow..Adventure Story Book Club

Well sadly we have not gotten any snow this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t read about snow!  Below you will find some of our favorite books about snow and our favorite recipe using the fluffy white stuff. Enjoy




This book is beautifully illustrated and it can be read aloud to kids of any age There is a big line of text on each page that is simple and accessible for really young (preschool) kids, then there is a paragraph that is helpful for early elementary.





Rather than going into the science of how snow is formed, this book shares the effects of snow… Snow protects plants and hibernating animals from wind and cold and, in the spring, melted snow waters the new plants.






Another fabulously illustrated book; truly captures the magic of winter. It is both educational and entertaining. Wonderful!





Snow Cream courtesy of Paula Deen

8 cups snow, or shaved ice
1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Place snow or shaved ice into a large bowl. Pour condensed milk over and add vanilla. Mix to combine. Serve immediately in bowls.
Makes about 8-10 servings!


Please share below your favorite books about Snow!


Happy Snowman Making



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Creating Vision Boards to Start the New Year 2015

Geeky Educational NEW Format:  Our team of bloggers  have started something new this year; hopefully the new format will encourage all of you wonderful Geeky Bloggers to link-up!. We will be featuring a post from one of our hosts each week. Each blogger will have a short paragraph inviting you to visit the entire post on the site it was originally posted on. Don’t worry will also be sharing some of last years favorites too;


So, without further ado this is 2015’s First Geeky Educational Post by Andrea Warren:


vision board 2015



At the beginning of the year each of us creates  our very own personal vision board.  This visual representation helps us to begin to pull things from our external environment that will enable us to realize our dreams & goals. By selecting pictures and words that evoke emotion we will eventually manifest these wants into our lives.  Last year was the first time we asked the children to participate. Each child was given a small canvas and very simple instructions: look through a collection of magazines and find words or pictures that inspire them.  We felt if we made instructions more convoluted than that, it would make the project stressful and not fun. Each child took their time and really embraced the idea.  Finally, after hours of cutting & searching we gathered all of our pictures and words to design our boards.  We loved seeing what the children created; this project gave us an insight we would not normally have into our children’s dreams and goals.  We hope you choose to create a Vision Board with your family this year.

Here is a list of items you will need to create your own Vision Board

1. A lot of magazines, old pictures or any items you may want to cut pictures or words from.

2. We use an 8X8 canvas; we may also use poster board or even cork board.

3. If you use canvas you may want to paint the before adhering  pictures or words. ( I like to do this I feel it gives it a more finished look)

4. Glue (I prefer a liquid white glue, not glue sticks)

5. Hodge Podge to cover pictures and words once glue has dried.

6. Lastly, if you use a canvas you may want to attach a ribbon to hang it on a hook or nail. I find this too gives the Vision Board a more finished look.

One more suggestion hang your master piece in area where you will see it each day; this ensures these thoughts will stay forefront of your mind. No matter what happens during your day, your vision board is a constant reminder of where you intend to be.

Wishing you all  a very Happy New Year!!!

Your Inner Being would want you to manifest everything that you decide that you want. Your Inner Being would want you to know that you have value and the ability to have or be or do anything. Your Inner Being would want you to fulfill every wish and whim that you could identify.-Abraham Hicks

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