MACANUDO CAFE COURT 5 Pack..Last Minute Father’s Day Gift


These Macanudo Cigars are offered from Famous Smoke Shop

Another great review brought to by Philip Warren AKA the Hungry Salesman

I was fortunate enough to try out the Macanudo Cafe Court Cigars the other day; I am partial to Dominican Cigars so I was excited to try out these gems.  I’m not a cigar expert by any stretch of the imagination but I enjoy smoking when I get a chance (usually when I’m on the road so my children don’t nag me; they’re not a huge fan of the smell). I happened to be in San Francisco and after dinner while walking along the bay I was able to light one up.  The mild, nutty flavor was perfect for my stroll and the wind coming off the bay only added to the enjoyment.  I always look for an even burn with a solid, long ash and this stogie hit the mark there too; it’s was a perfect size for me as I don’t typically like smoking a whole cigar. If you’re new to smoking cigars the size and flavor are ideal for beginners.  What I usually find, with most cigars I smoke, they go out on their own about halfway or 3/5’s through which is annoying but this one did not which I also took as a sign of a high quality cigar.  As you can tell, these are cigars I will definitely be trying again!

On side note my trip to the Bay was a short one; since there are five cigars in this beautiful little tin I had to finish the rest at home back in Texas. To my surprise as I sat in my garage and smoked another one of these amazing cigars; my eleven year old daughter did not come in reading me the riot for the smell that was wafting into the house. She & my wife(yes, gentlemen I said wife) commented on how sweet the smell was; not strong like other cigars I had smoked in the past. I think I found myself a winner!

If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift I highly recommend Macanudo Cafe Court 6/5 for both a new cigar smoker and a seasoned vet! To purchase directly from Famous Smoke click here!


The Fine Print: Our blog received this product at no cost for our honest review. Read more fine print here

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