Diet Enlightenment by Rachel L. Pires (Review)

diet enlightment


As many of you know I have been “dieting” since January.  I recently lost 25 lbs but I still need to lose another 10 lbs to be at my optimum weight.  That’s why I was thrilled when Rachel L. Pires asked me to review her latest book Diet Enlightenment. I was hoping to find the magic formula in its pages to help me shed these last unwanted pounds. But what found was so much more!

First, Rachel’s ideas about “dieting” are refreshing and she is brutally honest. No gimmicks or hard to follow instructions.  Rachel gets right to it and lets her readers know how this billion dollar diet industry is failing us.(I won’t spoil it but in the first chapter she divulges a secret that has eluded many of us) She does not throw any one diet plan under the bus; she just very clearly explains why they are short-term solutions not long-term resolutions.

Rachel maps out simple to follow instructions to ensure that you not only lose the weight but keep it off. There’s no special measuring cups to buy or scales to bring out before each meal; there is perhaps a little math to do but nothing to difficult.  Rachel explains how to do all of this while eating the foods we love; no horrible tasting shakes or cardboard tasting bars but by eating real food!

With so many diet books, blogs etc. I thought I had read it all but Mrs. Pires brings an entirely new look to dieting and gives her readers the tools to successfully the lose weight and keep it off.

If you’re looking for real answers on how to lose weight while eating the foods you love then I highly recommend Diet Enlightenment!

rachelAbout the Author:

Rachel is the author of Diet Enlightenment, which released in April of 2014. She is also a weight loss advisor and a contributing writer for Weightloss Blogs.

In her free time, Rachel is a dancer (Salsa, Flamenco, Hip Hop, and Jazz), an advanced PADI certified scuba diver, and a 2nd degree black in Taekwondo.

 After years of personally struggling with weightloss and binge-eating, and then overcoming it and becoming an enlightened dieter, it is now her mission to help men and women discover how easy weight loss and maintenance can be with the right approach.

Affiliate Disclosure The fine print:)

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