Animal Facts Lesson Plan …Geeky Educational Link Up

animal facts

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This weeks link up we share a fun filled lesson plan on ALL things Animals..

Our children are obsessed with animals; if they had their way we would have a house full of them.(we practical do to be honest)  Their love for animals has inspired them to donate time at local shelters, collect food for animals in need and to watch thousands of hours of the National Geographic channel.

Below I share a few ideas on how to create a four to six week lesson plan.Enjoy!

1. First start with the obvious by asking your children: What’s your favorite animal? You might be surprised with their answer; dogs and cats are not always their first choice neither are dinosaurs. You might get lucky like me and get  Water Monitors or Burmese Python as the answer(yuck).

2. Once you narrow it down to a few special animals it is time to hit the books! Here are some of our go to books.

3. The last book in our list has children traveling thousands of miles studying where their beloved animals reside. Your child can travel to the Southeast Asian Rainforests in search of a Bengal Tiger or the deserts of the Sahara in hopes of finding a Jeroba. This opens up an entirely new window of study Geography! Create a map of the continent marking the precise location of where their fauna is located. Create another drawing of their habitat and what you might find when visiting this animal.

4. Another great way to learn about animals is to play a card game!

  1. Draw mammals, reptiles, invertebrate,birds, insects fish & vertebrates making several of each.
  2. Then apply each drawing to its own nice sized piece of card-stock paper.
  3. Place a few interesting facts about each animal on the back.
  4. You can quiz one another on the facts.
  5. Or place the animals in their correct group; stacking all insects together, mammals together and so on.

Card Game

card game

5. If your child is not a fan of drawing get some beeswax and have them model their favorite animal. (Sophia loves using a the beeswax to make an entire herd of animals) This is where it can get real fun too with pink dolphins or blue rhinos:)

model clay

6 Lastly. for older children ask them to write a short summary or have them design a mini-book writing about several types of animals. Give them a set of questions to answer about their animals too.

  • What do they eat?
  • Where in the world do you find them?
  • What type of habitat do they live in?
  • Are they mammals, insects, reptiles etc.

When creating a lesson plan about Animal Facts don’t get hung up on just the FACTS bring in other subjects like Geography, Oceanography, Language Arts & more. I could spend all year studying animals but if you only have a few weeks then this lesson plan is a great place to start! Have fun!!!

                                                                             What s your favorite animal? Mine is the Hummingbird


post pic



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