Teaching the Science of Nutrition..A Geeky Educational Link Up

Teaching the Science of Nutrtion


This year we decided to tackle the importance of nutrition. We had covered the basics several years back when the kids were in PreSchool and Elementary School but now it was time to get down to the science of it and why it is so important to eat right.  I have found as your children get older just telling them is not nearly enough they need to know the why!


Here is how our 4 week block on Nutrition looked:

1. The first week and this would continue throughout the the next 4 weeks we would keep a food journal. Collecting data on all the foods we ate and what we drank.


2. We looked at all the major systems in our bodies; it is important to have your children learn these systems since our nutritional habits can effect each one. Here’s a list of what we used for the next three weeks.


3. Fun for the kids maybe not for you!  We decided to take a 24 hour period and eat nothing but JUNK FOOD. As we ate the junk food we documented our moods, how our stomach felt, how much energy we had throughout the day and lastly how we slept that evening. The good news is we ALL decided that junk food is not a very good addition to our diet(even Logan whose nickname is Dr. Doughnuts)


4. Lastly, we created a one month meal plan adding all the foods we enjoyed eating!  Getting the kids involved creating the menu was a blessing they each chose a night to cook their favorite meals giving mom the night off


Just for fun: One day we went to our local grocer grabbed every exotic fruit and vegetable we could find. We had a ton of favorites like blood oranges, kiwi, star fruit, escarole & meyer lemons and only one dislike the durian fruit. Not a fan of the consistency, smell or taste at!



Join us each week for some SUPER SCIENCE FUN!



5 thoughts on “Teaching the Science of Nutrition..A Geeky Educational Link Up

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  3. Excellent! Children in our culture are experiencing a shocking health crisis due to poor diet, evidenced most obviously in skyrocketing rates of childhood obesity and diabetes. This young generation may become the first to have a life expectancy shorter than that of their parents’ generation. I’m convinced that there is no subject more important these days than nutrition. Bravo for taking this on!

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