5 on the 5th My Favorite Posts from February 2015

5 on the 5th

Here’s my February installment for 5 on the Fifth.  I subscribe to each one of this amazing blogs; I can’t wait to read what they have posted and see how I might apply it to my own life. I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did. Please share some of your favorites below.

1. This is not a blog of course but Jennifer Fink’s article in the Washington Post was extremely thought provoking. Read more about it Why schools are failing our boys

2. I so enjoyed Andrea’s post about Your Creative Work Will Change The World.#feelinginspired

3. Have to share this yummy recipe by Jillee Chicken Enchilada for a Crowd. Our crowd was the four of us:)

4. Another post I saved for later was The Dwelling Trees 25 Days of Saving Money. (great tips)

5. Ending with one of favorite bloggers Ben Hewitt. Loved this article about his family Unschooling: What is it and how one family does it

Please share your February Favorites below….

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