How to Start a Weight Loss Routine in 4 Steps


How-to-Start-a-Weight-Loss-Routine (1)


OK when Pamela over at Gym Free Fit it asked me to contribute to her blog I chuckled!  I am not a fitness nut, I wasn’t eating right & working out gave me hives(not really but I am sure you get the point). Then I got on the scale at the end of December(not the best of times) and the laughter turned to tears; I only time those three digits showed up on my scale was when I was pregnant. So, I started to think about Pamela’s request and thought it was a great idea; I could share my weight loss journey while having the support from others who were blazing the same weight loss path as me.!  For a little icing on the cake(the cake is made from whole-wheat flour and the icing is PButter:) My father, Philip & I have a bet who can lose the most weight by the end of April. Nothing like competition to keep you motivated. Quote by Sophia Warren”GIRLS RULE BOYS DROOL” so going to WIN this…

So, join me this month over at Gym Free Fit where I will share weekly post on exercise, healthy recipes & tips for losing weight.( I am still giggling)

On a side note I have lost 10 LBS since January!!!

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