Pokemon is Educational?? Geeky Educational Link-Up

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Logan is a huge Pokemon fan and an avid card collector. Not until recently did I fully understand what it took to be both or the educational aspects behind the game.  I decided to ask Logan to explain Pokemon to me and give his perspective on why he feels it is an educational game. Let’s get the Q & A started!!


Q & A with Logan about Pokemon:

1. Mom: What got you interested in Pokemon?

Logan: When I was about 8 years old my friend who lived across the street introduced me to the game and I quickly fell in love with it.

2. Mom: Why did you fall in love with the game of Pokemon?

Logan: The idea of powerful mythical creatures appealed to me along with the idea of taking those creatures into battle.

3. Mom: What are your favorite details about the card game?

Logan: Winning! Having the satisfaction of knowing that I built a deck that could beat another player.

4. Mom: How do you think Pokemon is educational?

Logan: It improves your social skills, math, how to strategize & a lot critical thinking all of which are important in being successful.  It also is a great way for kids who are just starting to read

5. Mom: What are some ways Pokemon has improved your social skills?

Logan: You can join a Pokemon league, you play in local tournaments as well as play national tournaments if your good enough.  I have met some really nice kids who have the same interest in Pokemon as I do.

6. Mom: Is Pokemon for kids of all ages?

Logan: Yes and if you join a league you will play with other kids your own age.

7. Mom: In what other ways can Pokemon be educational?

Logan: It has encouraged me to draw more; I have always loved to draw but drawing my favorite characters and creating my own Pokemon cards has been a lot of fun!

8. Mom: Have you found other imaginative was to share your love for Pokemon?

Logan: Yes, I have created my own YouTube channel where I share my most recent Pokemon card pack purchases. Here is my latest video

9. Mom: How would someone get started playing Pokemon?

Logan: I would suggest you  purchase a theme deck from your local Walmart or Target. A theme deck gives you your first full deck so you can start playing against other opponents as well a game mat and damage counters. Find out more here!

10. Mom: What advice would give parents whose children want to start to play Pokemon?

Logan: First, I would buy the theme deck I suggested, then I would have them join a small group or league so they can learn how to play. Also I found watching videos on game strategy and deck profiles helpful when I first started playing.


Since so many children from elementary to teenage love to play Pokémon; I think it could be easily implemented in several types of lesson plans. Here are a few links to help you get started in adding Pokemon to your school day:

Pokemon Project Based Lesson Plan Idea: Habitats

Pokemon 101 for Teachers & Librarians


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