End of Day 1 of Our Move to TX

journey 1


As many of you know we are headed to Austin, Texas to start the next chapter in our families story.  I wanted share our journey with our readers because I was sure it would be eventful.

Let me introduce to my fellow travelers: Logan, Sophia, my Dad, Wiggles (the dog), Katie(the dog), Taco(the cat) & El Diablo (the cat).

We got on the road  about 11 AM this morning after some very tearful goodbyes.  Sophia & my father driving the U-Haul, Logan & I in the our mini-van. The day started out perfect the skies were clear and the traffic was light  We made it through North Carolina & South Carolina without incident. We exited in Commerce, GA to get some fuel and that’s when the fun started:) My dad was filling the truck while I filled the car; the kids needed to use the bathroom so they were heading off when I heard the words”OH NO!!!Not the words you want to hear especially in the tone they were shouted.  Taco the Cat had locked the van doors and the keys were still in the ignition!(I was glad the car was turned off) Yes, you read that correctly our cat locked us out of our van. After a few expletives from me; my father and Sophia got back in the truck and headed south while Logan and I waited for AAA to arrive. While we waited we tried to get the cat to repeat his amazing feet of locking the doors to possibly unlocking them. Needless to say he did not feel the need to recreate his David Copperfield like performance, instead he laid spread eagle in the driver seat taking a nap. (I am sure if he could have he would have given me the finger while I was tapping on the glass to get his attention). After an hour or so AAA arrived and got us back on the road.

Our final destination today was Tuscaloosa, AL and we made it safe in sound but not without one more adventure. I called my dad to get our room number since they had arrived before us but when he answered I knew something was wrong. Their truck had lost steering capability and the brakes were shot; it was now my father’s turn to shout a few expletives as he hung up the phone to call Roadside Assistance. Luckily,the truck broke down as they were pulling into the hotel(thank goodness for small favors). Well, it is 10:37 and the truck is fixed!!! I want to say Thank You to Anthony from U-Haul for all your help!!

Next stop Shreveport, LA.!!!!

Good Night Friends♥ 

Quote for today: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

3 thoughts on “End of Day 1 of Our Move to TX

  1. What an adventure! I love the cat locking you out of your van story. Bizarre and hilarious, and quite fitting for the Warren’s trip west. At least it makes for a journey you will never forget. Hoping I get to see you in TX next weekend!

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