We’re Evolving

After much consideration and watching several of Carrie Contey’s videos our family made the conscious decision to take part in her year long program Evolve !  The universe brings you what you need,you just have to ask for it and Carrie is just what our family has been asking for.Carrie’s program is all encompassing from prenatal to adulthood; funny thing too is we had no idea she lived in Austin before we signed up .(crazy right) Our families transition to Austin is going to be made so much easier with help from Carrie and the community we have at our finger tips.


Evolve is a year-long online program that helps parents embrace the journey of family life. Through ongoing support, we build a global community of engaged parents who are working together to raise healthy people and build strong relationships.  If you want to find out more and sign up for Carrie’s wonderful program click here!  I know you will find Carrie as incredible as we do; can’t wait to see you at Evolve


carrie_sq1-365x365More about Carrie:

Carrie Contey, PhD is a internationally recognized coach, author, speaker and educator. Her work offers a new perspective on human development, parenting, family life and being a healthy, happy, whole human being. She is the co-founder of the Slow Family Living movement and the co-author of CALMS: A Guide To Soothing Your Baby. She has appeared on NBC’s The Today Show, NPR, CBS radio and in many publications including Time, Parenting and The Boston Globe. Currently she lives, works and plays in Austin, TX. To learn more please visit carriecontey.com.




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