Creating Vision Boards to Start the New Year 2015

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So, without further ado this is 2015’s First Geeky Educational Post by Andrea Warren:


vision board 2015



At the beginning of the year each of us creates  our very own personal vision board.  This visual representation helps us to begin to pull things from our external environment that will enable us to realize our dreams & goals. By selecting pictures and words that evoke emotion we will eventually manifest these wants into our lives.  Last year was the first time we asked the children to participate. Each child was given a small canvas and very simple instructions: look through a collection of magazines and find words or pictures that inspire them.  We felt if we made instructions more convoluted than that, it would make the project stressful and not fun. Each child took their time and really embraced the idea.  Finally, after hours of cutting & searching we gathered all of our pictures and words to design our boards.  We loved seeing what the children created; this project gave us an insight we would not normally have into our children’s dreams and goals.  We hope you choose to create a Vision Board with your family this year.

Here is a list of items you will need to create your own Vision Board

1. A lot of magazines, old pictures or any items you may want to cut pictures or words from.

2. We use an 8X8 canvas; we may also use poster board or even cork board.

3. If you use canvas you may want to paint the before adhering  pictures or words. ( I like to do this I feel it gives it a more finished look)

4. Glue (I prefer a liquid white glue, not glue sticks)

5. Hodge Podge to cover pictures and words once glue has dried.

6. Lastly, if you use a canvas you may want to attach a ribbon to hang it on a hook or nail. I find this too gives the Vision Board a more finished look.

One more suggestion hang your master piece in area where you will see it each day; this ensures these thoughts will stay forefront of your mind. No matter what happens during your day, your vision board is a constant reminder of where you intend to be.

Wishing you all  a very Happy New Year!!!

Your Inner Being would want you to manifest everything that you decide that you want. Your Inner Being would want you to know that you have value and the ability to have or be or do anything. Your Inner Being would want you to fulfill every wish and whim that you could identify.-Abraham Hicks

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