DIY Seasonal Tablescapes

DIY Tablescapes

Table settings are the centerpiece of every holiday dinner. For thanksgiving many people want to see fall assortments with turkeys and cornucopias. For Christmas it is usually Santa and reindeers, maybe even bells. But those are all traditional designs and not very original. So this year why not try one of these original designs that you can DIY with a few simple supplies and a little bit of imagination.


Not everyone experiences Thanksgiving in the traditional sense. Sometimes you live far away from family, or you don’t experience the changes of the seasons due to different climate settings in your city or continent. With these factors in mind, adding a bit of family or seasonal décor can really help you get into the holiday spirit.

Seasonal décor can be done with a few simple supplies and a creative imagination. One of the most popular items that have graced tables for centuries is the pine cone. By simply picking up some pinecones from the front yard spray painting them with a little bit of white snow paint or silver paint for color, you can add just a touch of some of that holiday spirit to your table. But don’t stop there. Maybe get a few thick sticks about two inches long and carve a slit into them for holding place cards on the table. This adds a bit of rustic to your table and brings the seasonal concept indoors.  Some other awesome ideas are to use fresh herbs from your garden as twine for wrapping your silverware with.

Napkins are a great way to add a bit of color to your table settings. Napkins do not have to be store bought. You can make your own napkins for your table with some simple equipment and a bit of time. Sewing napkins together is a pretty simple task and allows you to choose the fabric you would like to use. In case you don’t have a sewing machine or know how to sew, you can always use burlap as a napkin, silverware holder.

Burlap is a very affordable option when it comes to decorating. There are many things that can be done with burlap to add character to your table. Burlap is very durable and can hold paint very well. If you are into stamps or scrapbooking, then you will know that with an ink pad and some seasonal stamps you can add an elegant runner to your dinner table for Thanksgiving or any holiday for that matter.



Christmas is the time when there is snow on the ground, stars are shining bright, and Santa is on every child’s mind. Many people decorate their home with lights and a Christmas tree with gifts wrapped in pretty paper, but occasionally they forget to decorate their table setting.  One interesting thing you can do with your Christmas table setting is to get chalkboard paper or  craft paper and chalkboard paint and make a table runner that you guests can leave a message to you and your family on. This will be something that can be admired for years. Other options for table setting décor is to use red and white ribbons to wrap around the stems of your wine glasses for a decorative bow, or red and white pipe cleaners twisted together to form your last initial for the table.

Spruce leaves are a great way to add the Christmas tree smell to your home for the holidays. Making a candle holder out of a hollowed out piece of wood and adding spruce leaves around the outside can add that rustic outdoorsy feel along with the Christmas tree smell.

Christmas is another time when Burlap would come in handy. Making a burlap placemat with holly leaves stamped on the corners could add a little Christmas spirit to any table. Along with the placemats a few sections of linen cloth in a 12×12 section surged on the edges can add a light weight table napkin that can be rolled up and tide off nicely with a holly wreath or set of jingle bells.

All of these ideas are a great way to add character to your dinner table for the holidays. So this holiday season use your imagination and decorate with what is naturally available in your yard or home. And most importantly have FUN


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