The Appalachian Trail: A Unit Study..The Old Schoolhouse Review



Homeschooling is a series of choices, and one of the most important ones is curriculum.  This year our homeschool has embraced the idea of researching topics through Unit Studies. So, when the Review Crew Blog at The Old Schoolhouse asked us to share our impression of Donna Rees, Appalachian Trail Unit Study with our readers we jumped at the chance . We were so impressed with how well-appointed  this unit study was for both student and teacher. I was pleased at how adaptable it was too; I could utilize it for both our  4th & 7th grader.  With such easy to follow instructions and activities our 7th grader was able to do  a lot of the work independently. This allowed me to spend more time exploring with our 4th grader; who requires some additional assistance.  Donna also leaves  no stone unturned covering  every subject from Science, Math, Reading  & Spelling to Art and even Physical Education. In addition to her very well laid out syllabus there are a plethora of resources so student & teacher are able to take the subject as far as they desire.




If you’re looking for a fun and exciting new way to bring materials to your children allow me to suggest Unit Studies.  Make sure to start your adventure into this amazing style of learning with Donna Rees, Appalachian Trail Unit Study you will enjoy every minute hiking through this academic trail.

To find out more information about The Old Schoolhouse or Donna Rees click here

10 thoughts on “The Appalachian Trail: A Unit Study..The Old Schoolhouse Review

  1. This sounds totally exciting. I know nothing about the Appalacchian trail as I’m not from the United States. I can totally see however how this topic is suited to most areas of the curriculum.

  2. This was good information since I had never heard of this program or book series before. I used to home school my daughter so I know how important quality resources are in this journey.

  3. Sounds like an informative and interesting topic. Seems to be a good educational as well as funny way to impress the kids. Thanks for sharing this.

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