Got Melk? A Fun New Way to Celebrate Advent




This Advent bench the Elf on the Shelf and fall in love with Melk the Christmas Monkey.  There are so many fun ways to celebrate the Advent season but so much of what the season is about gets lost.  Melk is a gift given to our children by the very talented author Katie Hornor who blogs at Paradise Praises.  Katie along with her husband and five children share their love for God as missionaries in Mexico.  I was so honored that she asked us to share her marvelous new book. Melk the Christmas Monkey  The purpose behind this new holiday favorite is to teach God’s Character through Bible Lessons and Activities that the whole family can enjoy during the Christmas season!


More about this cute fuzzy guy and the lessons he shares.  There are few ways this sweet little rascal can show up at your home by December 1st.


1st Option:

E-book only format: The book contains 30 fun Bible lessons and activities that the entire family can enjoy during the Christmas Advent/season. The activities could also be easily adapted for a Sunday school class or Children’s Bible club. I have passed this on to Sophia’s Girl Scout and Girls in Action Leaders too. There are 90 pages including access to customizable letters to your children from their Christmas friend and  lots of other free downloads. Ebook delivered immediately to your email!



2nd Option:

Melk, the Christmas Monkey (ebook+monthly letters) I just love added touch with the monthly letter from Melk..

With this option you will receive Ebook and monthly mail from Melk, himself.  Each month a new Bible lesson and activity will be delivered to your email (12 months)!


Lastly, there are Melk’s color pages 4 in all. I have to admit we all enjoyed coloring in these precious pages.


Melk the Monkey is a wonderful new friend to add to your holiday traditions. For more information about Melk or to purchase the this delightful E-Book click here.


Enjoy a Free Chapter below:

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