5 on the Fifth November 2014

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1. Winter is here and dry skin is soon to follow; check out the Nourished Life post here on how to make 21 Homemade Sugar Scrubs.

2. As the seasons change many of us are in the midst of our own transition. Tiffany’s post about Taking Root was extremely thought provoking and beautifully written.

3. On a lighter side I have really been enjoying the Better Mom’s bi-weekly Whole Food Meal Planning; the weekly meals and shopping lists are exceptional.

4. A sweet post with a reminder for all of us ; this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. ( a reminder how important it is to get a mammogram)

5. The temperature has dropped and it is Soup Time!  Budget Bytes shared a super simple chicken broth recipe this month.

Have a great week friends!!

Please share some of your favorites below:)

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