5 Tips for Teaching Tweens & Teens Science


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Science can be a complex subject for homeschoolers of Tweens & Teens.  It can require an endless list of lab materials and can be quite overwhelming to teach; especially for the parents who struggled through high school or college level sciences.  I have to admit I love Science but teaching is an entirely different beast. I found this out  last year when our son Logan had a Science heavy year year.  I have used a few of these tips I have listed; the others were given to me by veteran homeschool mom’s( I would go into battle with these ladies anytime/anywhere) I value their advice and heed it often. So without further ado I give you our Top 5 Science Tips


1. One of my personally favorites is In the Hands of a Child. I have used their Chemistry, Ecology, Rocks and Minerals lapbooks; we have enjoyed creating each of them. This type of instruction worked extremely well with both of our children and they had a beautiful books to share once they completed their assignments.


2. My friend Amanda is very big on Unity Studies and when you have five kids to teach these reusable studies are a perfect option. Learn and Do It offers unit studies that cover how to use a microscope, botany and even teach you the basics on raising goats. These easy to follow unit studies encourage its user to step out of textbook using experiments, field trips and more to share the wonder of science.


3. Another great way to get your Tween or Teen excited about Science is books; I suggest allowing them to choose the book.  Some of our favorites have been The Radioactive Boy ScoutEarthkeepers: Observers and Protectors of Nature & My Life with the Chimpanzees. All three of these books sparked an array of interests in topics like ecology, zoology, nuclear science energy & conservation.


4. Hands on Science is a our personal favorite since both of our children are tactical learners. We have found that our local Nature Center, National Parks & Planetarium offer several programs that allow us to get our hands dirty with Science.


5.  Elemental Science is another wonderful choice for older Middle School students and High School students. They offer step by step curriculum’s as well as online study programs; allowing for much of the work to be done independently.


Lastly, there isn’t one right choice of curriculum for everyone. As in most of homeschooling, you need to find what works for your family.


Please share what has worked for you in past below; I would love to hear what others are doing!


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6 thoughts on “5 Tips for Teaching Tweens & Teens Science

  1. Wow, these are great tips. My students enjoy hands on experiences. I’m pinning this to plan some future unit studies. Will be sharing your post on my Friday roundup today. Thanks, Andrea!

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