Science of a Nature Walk

This something I plan to do with my 5-7 year old  kids that attend our co-op but you can do this with any aged children.



Nature Walk Field Trip


What You Will Need:

brown paper bag(for leaf collection)

large piece of paper or spiral notebook(for documenting finds)


Ziploc bags(for bug collection)






Tell your children today you all will  be on going on a nature walk to look investigate the outside world. Give each  child a brown paper bag & Ziploc bag for collecting specimens. Explain that a specimen is a sample or piece of something that they find fascinating and they want to learn more about. Tell the children they can fill their bags or only place a few items in each for further exploration.  When you go outside be sure to ask the children about the weather and document their responses; take a few more minutes to ask a few weather related questions: What color is the sky? Is the sun shinning? Are there any clouds?  If there are clouds can we make out any shapes?  Now, is also a good time to also ask if them to observe the area around them. Do they see any people? Are there plants around? Do they see any animals? What can they smell? Again if your children are old enough to write down their own responses great; if not make sure you do.  It is always a lot of fun to read their responses after a long day outside.

Once back inside ask the children to take out their large piece of paper and place in on the table in front of them.( if you do not have a table large enough the floor is always a great option)  Have them make a headers to label all the items they found. Draw lines down from each header to make columns, then make a spot on the bottom to tally all the items they found for each column.  How many of each item do you have?  Ask one child at a time to empty the contents of their bag onto the floor. Pick up one item at a time and either have the children tell you what it is or you may tell them. This item would be written in the first column on paper or you can even attach it with glue or tape under its proper heading,   Now, that each child has an understanding of how to label their items have each child place one object in a column and label it. Ask the other children does he or she have any the same objects?  Have them place their same objects on another piece of paper and label it.  After all items are labeled and given a category. i.e Plant, Animal, Wood, Stone etc.; get in a large circle and discuss what you have found.

Ask some questions about their items:

What objects did you find?

Did we collect a lot of the same items?

How many are plants?

Is it from an animal?

What do we know about each of your objects?

Do we have anything like this in our yard?

Have you seen this object anywhere else?


The aim to teach children the first step in science “observe”; it also a great introduction to documenting and categorizing objects.


Here are some wonderful Nature Walk Books that may give you even more ideas when you plan your next nature adventure!




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