Homeschool Adjustments: 10 AHA Moments

Lately, our homeschool days have looked more like a battle ground then a peaceful learning environment.  I even questioned whether or not I was up to the task of homeschooling anymore? I was hoping  to find some homeschool blogs writing about days like this but all of their days looked magical!  I felt defeated; I blog about homeschooling and my days looked nothing like what I was discovering on the web. How could I share about our homeschooling journey when most days I wanted to run out the door?  Don’t get me wrong I truly applaud these women who can keep their kids in line and get hours of homeschooling done but where were the mom’s who struggled like me? I have to admit I never found them on the web but I did find them in my own community and it was a relief!

Even after I found a clan of homeschool challenged mom’s; I still felt the desire to turn and run when our school day started.  The push back was getting stronger, my resiliency was weakening with every passing day and our relationships were tattered. I needed to find a resolution quickly! Then I remembered something I heard at one of Barbara Dewey’s teacher training sessions;” look at the child in front of you.”  At the on set of this revelation I was not sure what to do with it or even how to begin. So, I decided to keep a journal; I began to pay attention at play time, watch their interaction with friends and intently listen to our daily conversations.  After a few weeks I concluded that our children were articulating their own interests beautifully ; I just had stopped listening.  I got so caught up in the image of what I wanted, what others expected; I stopped listening to our children.

After journaling for a weeks I decided to deconstruct of our school day; keeping what worked and tossing what didn’t. During this time we all had AHA moments; like when Logan said..” Man I love to write when it’s something I am interested in.” Or when Sophia picked up a chapter book written by her favorite author and read it in two days; jumping up afterwards and shouting” I love reading”!

I had several AHA Moments:

1. I  was no longer going to be beholden to one set style or curriculum.

2. When the push back starts we need to step away and let it go.

3. Observation is invaluable.

4. One size does not fit all.

5. Experiences matter most!!!!!!! (this one is  a game changer) Thanks Alison:)

6. I need to throw out my measuring stick.

7. Accepting I do not have all the answers.

8. Children love learning they just need the freedom to learn.

9. Let go of your image of what should be and allow it to unfold organically.

10. Be present.

Our path is still unfolding and we may never have a defined route but I am no longer running to the front door on a daily basis.

Constantly Evolving.






20 thoughts on “Homeschool Adjustments: 10 AHA Moments

  1. Andrea!
    Just because we don’t blog about it, doesn’t mean that we don’t have “less than magical” days with our kids! Far from it!!

    It sort of makes sense though – because who wants to read a post about a messy house, kids running around not doing what you’ve asked them to do & a mother who is counting the days until the weekend? Oddly enough, I’ve been in the midst of writing a post kind of like that – just haven’t gotten up the nerve to post it yet!

    You’re right about deciding to not be bound to just one curriculum – I came to that realization a couple of years ago. When I stood back & looked at my kids (as you mentioned – observing them), I realized that they were learning a lot more from what I was saying & doing than what I was “teaching”. My teaching became more fluid & subjects became more inter-twined.

    Watch for my post soon (you’ve inspired me to be brave…!) & BTW, the fall session of my course The KNIT Lessons has just begun. Lots of time for anyone who’d like to expore the fibre arts & knitting with their children to join in!

    Keep on ~ I know you’re doing a great job because you are thinking these thoughts – that means that you take your job as “teacher” seriously. That is the key to it all!


    • Thanks Elizabeth! I totally get why we don’t share our bad days but I wish we could.(not to often don’t want to be a Debbie Downer) I think we feel have to create this perfect image to inspire others but I think that it may cause more harm then good.(makes it look so unattainable) It’s sort of comforting to know you’re not alone and others are facing the same obstacles. Hey, there might even be a mama out there willing to share some advice:)

      Crazy how freeing it is when you decide to let things unfold organically and you realize your kids are learning so much from just your daily routine.

      I am so glad I inspired you and I am looking forward to reading your post!

      Send me an email about your E-course so I can share..


  2. This is so true, all kids learn differently and are not the same so we shouldn’t measure them the same way. I commend homeschooling parents, that’s amazing and to think of the patience and commitment you all make to do this is definitely something to admire! I now have a first grader who has much more homework than last year and it’s tasking just to get him to do that at times without me wanting to run out the door! I think that’s a great point you make that when we have access to seeing how other people, parents and families are doing things, it’s easy to see a skewed image of what our own days should look like. #ibabloggers

  3. I think it’s important to share our mistakes and failures, when we have the opportunity to share what we learned along the way.

    For me, the purpose in sharing my issues would be to edify and encourage someone else going to through a similar circumstance, not to merely vent my emotions and gain sympathy. (I hope this makes sense and doesn’t seem judgmental to anyone.) I come from an extended family that likes to verbally abuse and depress others through their use of conversation, so I am especially careful of this in me. If I can find something useful to share through our hardships, I will! If not and I just need to vent, I keep quiet.

    I think you’re right though; we need to be willing to share our mistakes and hardships as often as we would share our blessings. We all have hard days, even those who are seemingly perfect.

    Great post!

  4. Thanks Cristina! I think the slope can get slippery between sharing and complaining. I try not to come off like I am unhappy; I feel so blessed that I am able to homeschool our children.

    Our families must know each other:) I still get so wrapped up in trying to keep up the appearances for our family. (EXHAUSTING) My husband is such a pillar of strength for me in this area.

    I want to encourage others as often as I can but I can also use some encouragement too..

    BTW loved your post today

  5. I don’t homeschool, but I find that even as I help my little ones with their homework and work on projects together that your tips apply. I have to put away my own measuring stick (I have twins and it sometimes is much too easy to compare) and let them be themselves and learn as they are ready to do so!! Great post.

  6. Wonderful post! I wonder the same things, myself, sometimes. Mostly where my daughter is concerned, as she is the one who has not fully gotten the importance of certain aspects of the needed education. But because her time is spent not doing what is required, it takes away from her more enticing pursuits. My son, I don’t have a problem with, most of the time! LOL! Have a great week! #ibablogger

  7. Thanks for sharing this! I am still new to homeschooling but I did share my struggles in our latest update and plan to continue to do that! Here’s to keeping it real 😉

  8. I have already tattooed it my back;I knew I would need extra room because the list is ever growing.

    I know right? These boys have a pretty clear idea of what they want to explore; I just need to let go of what I would prefer Logan explores:)

    I agree!

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  12. Hi, it’s my first time at your blog and this is the very first post I’m reading and I just want to thank you for this. We’ve been homeschooling for a while now, and one would think that we got it all down and figured out, but there are days when I’m asking myself why are we doing this. It’s good to know it’s not just me and there is a way to overcome this. Once again, thank you!

  13. Thanks. Even after homeschooling for 11 years and even though I have a solid group of homeschool moms to help when homeschooling gets hard, it is so nice to read this kind of post!

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