Let the Homeschooling Begin!

great composers mini block


Tuesday was our first day of school; I was so glad to have the school year start.(the kids were too)  I decided to begin the year on a lighter note; somewhat like I did last year with a three week mini- block we could all participate in. Both of our children love music, singing it, playing instruments and even writing it; so the obvious choice was something centered around music. I immediately thought of studying the great composers. OK, the seed was planted now what?

I recently purchased Build Your Own Homeschool Bundle the Charlotte Mason version; one of the downloads used Notebooking pages. I heard about Notebooking but did not have a real understanding of what it really meant. So, I did a little investigating; you can read more about Notebooking here. While I clicked through I found Notebooking pages for Great Composers; I was done so I thought!  Notebooking pages are a wonderful template but the assignment for you is to provide the resources to fill the pages; so off I went to find resources to fill those pages!

Here’s Our Mini-Block on Great Composers

1. Each one of us chose a composer. Sophia(Mozart), Logan(Beethoven) & Andrea(Vivaldi)

2. Our next selection was a spine for research.

3. Then it was time to decide upon two pieces of music from our composers. (you may choose as many as like)

  • Mozart(Requiem Mass in D Minor & Violin Concerto No. 6)
  • Beethoven( Symphony No. 9 in D minor & Piano Sonata No. 17 )
  • Vivaldi(Four Seasons & Sonata No. 2 in E minor)

4. Now, it is time to fill our Notebooking Pages!

We plan to share our pages with you once they are filled

I find starting the school year with this gentle approach makes the transition into academics so much easier!

You read about last years block here

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5 thoughts on “Let the Homeschooling Begin!

  1. Nice! We may need to copy this idea later. We eased into our school year as well, opening with a week of drawing, handwriting practice, and knot-tying.

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