My All Time Favorite Science Link-Up Posts

Since, we are starting school this week and I am a little overwhelmed (mostly with excitement) I thought I would share some of my “All Time Favorite Science” link up posts. Enjoy!


geek link post


 My Favorites:

New York Homeschool’s post on Making Ice from Scratch was tried several times this weekend.

I have always been fascinated with butterflies. Fran’s post about the butterfly lifecycle was very informative, read more about it here

Jess’s post is for all of us Mom’s looking for educational games while on our 10 hour car trips to see family this summer. Grab some great free Andriod apps here

Christianity Cove’s Pollution in a Fish Tank

We just LOVE cat’s so Fran’s post on Domesticated Cats had to make the list.

Still Learning Something New post on aviation was very informative.

Making Flubber a Tribute to Robin Williams

Free Science Lapbooks

Doctor Who Lunch Box Notes

Getting Down with Gravity

Science of Firecrackers

Our entire family thoroughly enjoyed Fran’s post on Fireflies

Please share some of your favorites below

My esteemed co-hosts

Meagan from More Than A Coupon Queen

Dawnita from Fogelman Forerunner

Jess from Benoit Academy

Jodi from NY Homeschool

Adelien from Blessed Learners

Marie-Claire from Quick Start Homeschool

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