Homeschoolers Online Guide to Science


When I started homeschooling I was so excited to teach science but as our children got older I realized I needed some assistance explaining scientific methods and theories.  I have found several exceptional online resources; I have shared my top 10 below.

1. One of my go to resources is NOVA I just love their teacher videos.

2. The next obvious choice is NASA’s it has specific categories for both student and teacher.

3. We spend a lengthy amount of time at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology; the bird cams are addictive.

4. Sophia just loves National Geographic Kids it is overflowing with interactive quizzes and animal videos.

5. This past Christmas we gave the kids a subscription to Muse Magazine their website offers monthly fun facts and interactive games.

6. Need advice on finding the right science project? click here

7. For the younger scientist PBS Kids offers a fun way to approach the basics.

8. Science Kids is the place for science & technology on the Internet for children.

9. High School students interested in the latest and greatest in technology can find resources here.

10. YouTube & Netflix are chock-full of documentaries for every science lover!

Last weeks  favorites:

Christianity Cove’s Pollution in a Fish Tank

We just LOVE cat’s so Fran’s post on Domesticated Cats had to make the list.

Still Learning Something New post on aviation was very informative.


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