Where I Spend My Time


Until you value yourself, you will not value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it. ~M. Scott Peck

On Monday my post asked to you to choose your 3 to 4 pillars; these are the BIG Rocks where you plan to spend majority of your time.

Below I have listed my four pillars; please feel free to share your pillars below.

Pillar 1: Family/Relationships

Pillar 2: Spiritual/Daily Meditation/Journaling

Pillar 3: Creative Ventures/ Blog/Photography

Pillar 4: Health/Fitness/Nutrition

Now, that you have determined where we want to spend our time; you need to fit these pillars into our daily rhythm. So,here is the next task: rewrite your daily agenda and include your four pillars. See where each one can be placed into your daily routines; you do not have to allot time for each pillar everyday.  I suggest you schedule time each Friday for next weeks planning. Make sure to proactively include each of your pillars when planning your next week.

4 thoughts on “Where I Spend My Time

  1. Here are my 5 pillars:
    Love (taking care of & being with my babes – human & feline)
    Learn ( to improve myself & so I can teach my kids)
    Teach ( my children & my students)
    Life ( all the things that go into running a home & being me)
    Earn (running my business)

    Great series Andrea! Looking forward to more…!

    • Elizabeth these are amazing! So glad you’re like the series; I did a smaller version of it last year but plan to expand this one a little bit more. Hope you’re doing well:) If you have any handwork e-courses coming up soon make sure you share them:)

      • Thanks – I am enjoying your series – haven’t gotten very far into my fall planning yet – of course it’s all sort of done in my head – but time to start writing it all down!
        I do have some courses coming up & I’ll send you details in a few days – OK ?

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