Starting a Science Book Club for Teens


I decided after Taproot that I wanted to get more involved with my local community and find ways that our family could connect with other homeschoolers.  Books seem to be a wonderful way to bring kids together; especially kids that might not ordinarily read. Getting teens together with friends sounds like a lot of fun then you throw in a book and you have a party!

Here are  10 Simple Steps to help you get started


1. First before even picking a book you need to get down all the logistics even the little ones. How many participants, location, how long will each meeting be, time & day of the week etc.


2. With Teens you need to allow them to be part of the decision-making process  even when it comes down to choosing the books. I would give them a few suggestions and allow the group as a whole to choose.  If you can’t come to a decision put all the choices in a hat and pick!


3. Now that you have chosen the book it’s time to assign chapters to the group.  Everyone reads the entire book of course but appointing small groups to dive a little deeper into specific chapters is a great way to get discussions started.


4. Ask each member to bring a notebook so they can jot down notes during club time or they might want to share something they found interesting about the weekly reading. Always find ways to keep everyone engaged and the discussion flowing.


5. As the facilitator make sure you ask interesting questions about the weekly reading. I would even go as far as a having a quiz bowl with fun inexpensive giveaways. Kids are always up for winning something even items of the Dollar Store!


6. Now, I feel this is one of the most important parts of the book club, especially for Teens(BRING FOOD) they will love you for it! You might even bring foods as it relates to book you’re reading. Reading Dr. Who how about some kippers? If you’re reading about Botany have some edible flowers for herbs for kids to try.


7. Since the books are Science related try to find a possible experiment or activities you can do as part of your weekly meetings. Try not to make every week a discussion week; that can get old real fast. I believe variety is key to keeping kids interested; I would also ask for their feedback here too. Do they have any ideas of projects or experiments the group can do?


8. If you’re planning on having the book club might I suggest keeping a club journal. Use a three-ringed binder to track books you read, experiments you tried, members names etc. It will be fun to look through at the end of the school year. It also lets you the facilitator know what worked and what did not.


9. Before you move on to your next book check the pulse of the group. Are there things they would like to differently? Does the time work for everyone? Is there enough FOOD:) Remember you are not going to please very teen with each book but what you might do is spark an interest in them that they never knew was there.


10. Lastly and most importantly have FUN!!!!


A few book suggestions:
Steve Jobs A Man Who Thought About Different

The Radioactive Boy Scout

The Disappearing Spoon: And Other True Tales of Madness, Love, and the History of the World from the Periodic Table of the Elements



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6 thoughts on “Starting a Science Book Club for Teens

  1. Andrea, I love the way you set this up!! And I love the idea of reading living books about science in a book club setting. This time, I am taking notes!!!
    Love, Alison

  2. Books and book clubs to encourage and support the love of reading is so important for all ages. This article is so helpful since my children are just now entering the pre-teen phase and shortly I will have to mix things up and get creative to continue encouraging their love of exploring books! Pinning and sharing this.

    P.S. Love that you all made the Tardis your logo for your link up 🙂 I have always said that my dream team to lead homeschool field trips would hands down be the Doctor and Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus series. The fun that could be had!

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