Getting Down with Gravity

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To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.(Newton’s 3rd Law)

Here are some easy to follow at home experiments to do when studying Newton’s Laws of Gravity.
This one of my favorites!

Make your own gravity.

What you will need:

  • small can
  • string
  • water

Steps to follow

  1. Find an empty soup can.
  2. Make sure the lid is removed and the edges are not sharp.
  3. Now attach a piece of string at the open end of the can giving it a handle.
  4. Fill the can halfway with water.
  5. Now go outside to text your experiment.
  6. Swing the can around as fast as you can.

What happened?

Did the water stay in?

Or are you getting ready to send me an email telling me how much you did not like this experiment?

Understanding Gravitational Pull

What you need.

  • ball
  • pitcher
  • books
  • lead sinker

Steps to follow:

  1. Prop up the kitchen table by placing the books under the legs of one end. About 2in high
  2. Take the ball first and roll it down the table observing its speed. You can have someone time it for you.
  3. Now throw the ball in the air and observe its speed and path.
  4. Next pour water from the pitcher again observe its speed and path. Time this too.
  5. Now drop the lead sinker and the ball. Observe the difference in path and speed.

Try all sorts of  different items in your home.(feathers vs balls or Legos vs blocks) This is a fun experiment to do in a multi-age family or co-op setting; giving 2 children separate items and have another document the results.


Here are some wonderful books about Sir Isaac Newton:

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