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Last year we started our homeschool year off studying birds; it was gentle way to begin our year. I also recently found out from our children that this block was the one they enjoyed the most. So, I figured I would share it this week in our linkup, since so many of you are starting school soon.

Here is our four week block on birds: I kept things very simple but their love for birds continued throughout the year and birding has become one of Sophia’s favorite pastime!

Week 1:  Read The Boy Who Drew Birds by Jacqueline Davies

Read about some of our favorite birds in The Watercolors of Birds in America John James Audubon.  This is where I plan to incorporate our weekly artistic expression; each of us will choose a bird from the book and use the medium we are most comfortable with to create our own painting, drawing etc.

Week 2:  Read Albert by Donna Joe Napoli.  This lovely book about Cardinals seemed the obvious chose considering our new residents.

We also plan to do a lot of bird watching this week, documenting all the birds we come in contact with. My hope is to use this book all year to track the types of birds we meet each season. Here is a great book if you live on the east coast Birds of Eastern North America by Paul Sterry & Brian E. Small. If your children are younger you can use Children’s Guide to Birds by Simon & Schuster.

We will be making our own bird feeders this week using pinecones, birdseed & peanut butter.

Week 3: Read Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

We have several different types of owls in our woods, we plan is to use the owl calls on The Cornell Ornithology website  to call several different types of owl species.  This summer we have had a ton of success calling The Great Horned Owl, looking forward to hearing who replies next!

This week we will be doing wet on wet painting of The Great Horned Owl.

Week 4: Read Angelo by David Macaulay since the story takes place in Rome. It is a sweet book with wonderful illustrations.

This week we will recreate birds nests we have found in books and in their natural habitat.

We have plans to start our year again with a simple fun filled block; it makes starting school so much easier!

In order to see birds it is necessary to become part of the silence – Robert Lynd

3 thoughts on “Geeky Educational Link Up …has gone to the Birds

  1. Nice work planning out this block!!! Love the books so much – and you know how much it means to me that your kids said this was their favorite block last year 🙂 Keep us posted.

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