The Science of Cooking

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There are so many reasons why you should start cooking with your kids; to me the best part is the quality time you get to spend with one another.  Cooking teaches math, reading, safety and my personal favorite creativity.  Now, if you’re one of those moms that kitchen messes drive you nuts might I suggest having a glass wine while cooking with your kids because it is going to get messy.  If your child is reluctant to place on chef hat or apron; start off with one of their favorites or with something simple like pancakes. Logan, was hesitant when he began cooking but once he felt the accomplishment of creating the perfect pancake he was hooked.  Sophia, on the other hand loved to cook from the moment she stepped into the kitchen; she has even started cooking on our BBQ grill. Also, think of the benefits when you’re not feeling up to preparing dinner you can always ask your kids to whip something up.(hey, there is nothing wrong with cupcakes for dinner:)


Here are some fun science inspired recipes!

For the Geologist in the home try this simple Rock Candy recipe.


Create your own molten lava with this easy to follow recipe!


Teaching the effects temperatures have on solidity of ingredients? Homemade Ice Cream is great way to show this concept.


Playing with Our Food science printable included


 Kid Friendly Cookbooks


I encourage you to pass the drive-thru this week and get in the kitchen with your kids!!!


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5 thoughts on “The Science of Cooking

  1. All ours love cooking and helping measure & experiment in the kitchen. Only one problem… They all disappear when it’s time to clean up!!! lol

  2. I have a book I love called On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee that has great information about chemical reactions and other food facts. You might enjoy it.

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