Help Support the Boys & Girls Club


Family, friends, and Juice Plus customers, You may not all be aware of my involvement at the Boys and Girls Club of Bluffton. They have two Tower Gardens and run a small business entitled “Thank God It’s Green.” (TGIG) We grow our own produce in the Tower Gardens and then sell it at the local Farmer’s Market. We are teaching them about the newest concept in gardening as well as entrepreneurship.
I just recently became aware of a contest through Wells Fargo where they are awarding funds for small businesses or community involvement.  They have accepted my application and the winner is determined by the NUMBER OF VOTES received.  The unfortunate part is that the voting ends on JUNE 30.  If you have a desire to cast your vote for me I would greatly appreciate your support.  You are also welcome to pass it on to others. To support our program please click here

Thank you in advance.

Be blessed, ML

Stay well,
Marilea Lightner, LEAN Certified Coach, (843) 476-4661  – Fax Number (843) 271-6507

  juice plus

If your interested in finding out more about Tower Gardens click here


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