Geeky Educational Link Up.. The Young Scientist

This week I decided to share a few simple experiments geared toward the younger scientist. It is never to early to share your love for science with your kiddos!

All experiments are courtesy of 501 Science Experiments:

Heat Waves

This simple  experiment shows us what heat waves look like when they travel here from the sun.


* a ribbon about 18 inches long


1. Have your youngster take the ribbon in one hand and then shake it in front of them. Your child will notice the ribbon looks like a wave when it moves. You can explain to your child that the way energy gets from one place to another is in waves, like light and heat.

Making a Rainbow


* 16oz glass of water

* 8×10 piece of white paper


1. Do this on a sunny day

2. Place the glass of water on the window sill, this is so the light can shine through the glass.

3. Put the piece of white paper on the floor directly in the suns path; making sure that the sun is shinning through the glass.

4. Have your child write down as many colors he or she sees.

Hopefully, all seven colors will be showing!


Make Your Own Lightning


* comb

* piece of wool

* metal doorknob


1. Rub the comb with the piece of wool. This will charge the comb with electricity!

2. Then hold the comb near the metal door, you should see a small spark. This small spark happens because the electricity is jumping from the charged object(the comb) to the neutral object (the doorknob).

* We personally like charging the comb with the wool and running it over our heads to watch our hair stand on end:)


These experiments are basic but are a wonderful fun way to introduce science to younger children.


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