Geek Educational Link Up…The Science of Gardening

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Gardening is an excellent way to teach several of the sciences for example arithmetic,entomology and chemistry.

the science of gardening

We started our garden this spring with a few containers and it has quickly grown(no pun intended) to ten containers and several varieties of in ground plants. Before we could get started we had to research which veggies we could grow in our zone along with the optimal times to plant them. Once we had our selections made Sophia carefully chose an area of the yard where her plants would receive proper sunlight. The good news when you container garden is if the sunlight isn’t correct you can always move the pot but with in ground planting you need to be very precise. Another important factor to ensure a successful garden is to prepare the appropriate amount of space to allow your veggies to thrive. We live in an urban area so space is limited, we needed to make several calculations before we could define where we could plant two rows of corn, one row of watermelon & six squash plants. Sophia works daily in the garden making sure each plant gets enough food, water & sunlight.(she also talks to them regularly in hopes of encouraging them to grow faster) Today her hard work paid off, she picked her very first tomato!

Here are a few simple steps to follow when starting a garden:

1. Find the optimal location.

2. Make a list of vegetables and fruits you would like to grow. Check with your local nursery to find out which varieties you can grow in your zone.

3. If you do not have enough room to grow in ground plants pick up a few containers. Tomatoes, herbs, cucumber, peppers and strawberries grow well in containers.

4. With both in ground & container gardening make sure to enrich the soil. You can use organic compost and soils allowing your garden to be chemical free.

5. When you have finally prepped your soil, planted all your seeds or seedlings give your each one a good long drink to help them settle in.

I hope you decide to plant a garden this year it’s not to late to get started.

Happy Planting!!!




7 thoughts on “Geek Educational Link Up…The Science of Gardening

  1. These are really awesome tips for starting a garden. Kids love to get out there & help. We have started a few in pots but they never really grew like we wanted them to. Now that we are in a new place w/ a huge yard, we really want to get a garden going in the ground! Thanks 🙂

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