10 Reasons We Homeschool Year-Round

 10 reasons homeschool year-round

This decision was not made without countless discussions and debate on whether it was the right choice for our children and our family.  As parents we concluded that year-long homeschooling could bring an entirely different dimension to our children’s education and it would enhance their love of learning.

Here are our 10 leading reasons:

1. First half the new school year is not having to be spent reviewing key concepts from the previous year.

2. Lessens burnout for both children & parent.

3. Allows for multiply breaks throughout the year; permitting for several deep breaths out.

4. Grants children the time they may want to go deeper in a particular area of study.

5. Allocates time to a subject where they may need a little more instruction.

6. Year long consistency helps keep our homeschool cadence.

7. Vacation and educational trips are taken during inexpensive non-peak times.

8. As parents we love it! This gives all of us the satisfaction of knowing we are taking every step possible to support our children’s academic

9. Our kids enjoy it! Really 🙂

10. Gives us more free time so our children to explore outside interests and extracurricular activities.

Alright, we may have run out of steam a little with 9 & 10 but the fact remains that there are many more reasons to homeschool year-round that we have yet to uncover.  ♥  We look forward to hearing your success stories with year-round homeschooling too. 

8 thoughts on “10 Reasons We Homeschool Year-Round

  1. Nice blog! We found that as the children got older, it became more difficult to use a schedule that was different than the local schools. When their friends from church and the neighborhood would invite them to overnights or mid-week late evening activities we tried to be flexible with our school hours. This included not only summer days, but other holidays when we had been planning to do school.

    • Thanks Traci! I am a fan of your blog too:) I recently purchased the kindle version of “Don’t Waste Your Time Homeschooling 72 Things I Wish I’d Known” and I am thoroughly enjoying it:) I can could see there being scheduling conflicts with older kids but we have not run into that so far. Hope you plan to write another book soon..

  2. We love year round school! When I was teaching in public school it was almost passed to go year round. How beneficial it would have been! Summer is one of the best times to get outside and learn and the best part is that kids enjoy it.

  3. Hi! I am so happy to have read your blog. We are thinking of homeschooling our daughter as well and I am thrilled to meet other women who are doing it and loving it. I will stick around to read more, and may inquire about your lessons, etc. down the road! Thank you! And I agree- children LOVE to learn- year round is fantastic. If we make it enjoyable for them.

    • Tiffany thanks for stopping by! Please email me anytime I am here to help:) We decided to homeschool about 4.5 years ago and we have loved every year. There are days I question our decision but then those moments happen when you see your child fall in love with a subject or an author; making it all worth while. I will be posting soon about my planning for 7th and 4th grade soon.

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