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This week we chose Physics!

Physics can be a intimidating subject for any homeschooling family. Here a few uncomplicated ways to get started with this very arduous subject

  1 Materials: * large piece of paper * tape * radio * friend

Steps: 1. Roll the large piece of paper into a cone shape. Tape the paper to insure the sound funnel stays together.

2. Put the small end of the funnel in your ear.(do not shove it into the ear) What can you hear?

3. It is now time to turn on the radio. First, listen to the music with the funnel in your ear. What do you notice? Remove the funnel from your ear. Is there a difference to the sound?

4. OK, now it is time to grab your friend and ask them to make some rustling paper sounds and some moving noises. Can you hear the soft noises? (make sure that neither you or your friend create any loud noises in the sound funnel, as it could damage your ear)

Just for fun: In the past ear trumpets which look very much like the sound funnel you made,helped individuals who had trouble hearing. If someone wanted to speak to the person they would speak into the large end of the ear trumpet. This way the person who was hard of hearing could hear the person who was speaking to them. Today we use hearing aids to help people who are hard of hearing.

Additional Physics Resources: The Physics Classroom site is amazing it has tutorials, curriculum resources and multimedia studios to inspire any aged Physicist. Check it out here!

Physics Games is a wonderful interactive online physics gaming site.

It’s Giveaway Time!!!Enter to win one of our favorite physic books Simple Machines Force, Motion and Energy. Here’s how to enter, place a comment below telling us your favorite area of science. The winner be announced at next week’s link up. Giveaway

A little bit about the book: Connect students in grades 5 and up with science using Simple Machines: Force, Motion, and Energy. This 80-page book reinforces scientific techniques. It includes teacher pages that provide quick overviews of the lessons and student pages with Knowledge Builders and Inquiry Investigations that can be completed individually or in groups. The book also includes tips for lesson preparation (materials lists, strategies, and alternative methods of instruction), a glossary, an inquiry investigation rubric, and a bibliography. It allows for differentiated instruction and supports National Science Education Standards and NCTM standards.

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