Geeky Educational Link Up…Mini Green House

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We were so excited when we were asked to participate in this weeks Geek Educational Link Up. We decided to start off with a project that children of any age could do, with a little help of course:)

Make a mini greenhouse to grow plants.

Materials you will need..

* clear plastic bottle

* soil

* wide tape ( we used washie tape since it is easy to remove)

* small plants or seedlings

* scissors


1. Get a clear liter bottle empty the contents and rinse thoroughly with water.

2. Cut the bottle in half.

3. Remove the bottom part of the bottle and fill with soil.

4.  Place small plants or seedlings in the soil making sure the seedlings are covered.

5. Place the top half of the bottle back on and use the washie tape to adhere the to two halves together.

6. Put a few drops of water in the bottle.

7. Place your mini greenhouse near a window where it will get plenty of sun.

Step One

Step One

Step Two

Step Two

Step Three

Step Three

Step Four

Step Four


After a few hours in the sun; it's already raining!

After a few hours in the sun; it’s already raining!


Interesting fact: The sun will cause the temperature in the green house to rise. Because the lid is sealed the air inside stays heated, even when the air outside is cooler. This means the air inside turns into water that feeds the plants in order to keep them alive.

Find more interesting science projects in 501 Science Experiments by Hinkler Books click here

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