Saturday Link Shares & More..


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Last Saturday’s link share was such a success; I had several my blogging buddies ask me to administer another share this weekend. Make sure to return next week to meet our very special guest poster. So, let’s get this Mother’s Day weekend kicked off right.


In honor of Cinco de Mayo and my 13th wedding anniversary this will be made this weekend How to Make 10 Gallons of Margaritas. Thanks Angie


A Huge Announcement and Giveaway here. Good Luck!


For those of you that have started planning Misty has a free planner available here


If you’re looking for more of a retreat style homeschool planning experience the Taproot with Barbara Dewey is the place to attend register here


I am addicted to anything Washie Tape, so when I found Mitzi’s blog post on Washie Tape DIY projects I was so excited. find out more here


Lastly, for all the Mother’s out there Katie over at Paradise Praises shared some sweet books to read this Mother’s Day here


Have a peaceful Mother’s Day weekend friends..


Some of our Affiliates and Sponsors that we love to share!

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