Just one more post

blue bike book club


Even though Library Week has ended, I wanted to share one more post about books.  Many of us can not find the time to meet up with fellow book lovers or be part of a neighborhood book club. Well, I have a wonderful solution; meet your friends at an online book club. This week I am joining a book club discussing Notes From A Blue Bike. Each week we will meet up on Facebook to talk about what we loved, what we learned and maybe even have some discourse about our not so favorite parts.  I have found online book communities to be a wonderful place to find other book enthusiasts as well as fantastic place to make new friends. Can not wait to get started today!

So, what are you waiting for? If you can not find a online book community that speaks to you, then create your very own.  There can never be to many people exchanging their views about books.

If your interested in joining the book club or just want to purchase Notes From A Blue Bike click here

Make it a great week friends!



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