National Library Week 2014

This weeks posts will be dedicated to all things library. I am looking forward to sharing some of my favorite books, e-books and I may even throw in a giveaway! So, let’s get started.


I figured a good place to start was at the inception of our local library. Ever wonder how your local library came about?  How old it is? Or who the first librarian was?  I decided I would do some investigating about our local library here in Rutherfordton, NC. I was fascinated by how much goes into building a library and how it can change a small town.



Found out about our local library here

***During National Library week and throughout  the month of April, libraries host special events to highlight the unique role libraries play in changing our lives. Today’s libraries can help you and your family discover new and exciting worlds.  Libraries are an oasis if you are looking for adult education classes, or for a recommendation on the best books or e-books to expand your horizons Make this week a library week and explore what your local library has to offer. Looking for more information about how you can celebrate National Library Week click here

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