Daughters’ Week 10 Ways to Celebrate


Make sure to celebrate with your daughter this week; I have listed a few suggestions on ways to celebrate below.  Our daughter Sophia, is amazing: her wisdom is far beyond her years, her compassion and deep understanding of others helps to make our family better each day.  We love u much Sophia; did we mention she’s turning 10 this week?

1. Write her a letter sharing how you feel about her.

2. Go to the park and just walk together; allow her to direct the conversation

3. Get a mani/pedi: even my tomboy loves her feet pampered.

4. Hit her favorite lunch or dinner spot.

5. Watch her favorite movie together.

6. Have her Dad take out for a special date.

7. Cook her favorite meal together.

8. Read her favorite stories.

9. Look through old photos of her together and talk about each one.

10. Be in the moment with her. 

So blessed to have Sophia as our daugher

So blessed to have Sophia as our daugher








4 thoughts on “Daughters’ Week 10 Ways to Celebrate

  1. Happy Birthday to Sophia! What a sweety. Lila’s birthday is this week too! May we both “be in the moment” with them and celebrate daughter’s week. Hugs to you all!

  2. Happy BD to Sophia and Lila! It’s Anya’s 12th BD this week too.
    Love your ideas of offering genuine presence to our daughters!

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