Midweek Reminder


Love this one.. working hard in 2014 to remove the drama and it had to start with ME!  What I have learned is you can refrain from it once you look inward and determine its allure. It is not always what you imagined it to be; it can run so much deeper and that’s when we can recognize the role we play. By accepting and taking ownership for our part we no longer give it the capacity to infiltrate our lives. I have to admit growing up is hard sometimes even at 43:)

6 thoughts on “Midweek Reminder

  1. I love that this Dear Drama letter is signed by Awareness. Yes, that drama sure has a strong allure. I find I need outlets like physical activity, singing, and lots of laughter to keep me away from returning to the drama!

  2. Hi Andrea (or should I say -from one drama queen to another:)
    Right on with this post! I just had the same realization about my 49 year old self right before New Years – so you are ahead of the game in my book. REFRAIN is my word for the year – a concept I got from one of Kelly’s book recs – When Things Fall Apart. It basically means trying not to start or add to the drama by being aware (like your poster says) Anyway LOVE this and thanks – comforting to know you are walking the walk with me!
    Love, Alison

    • Hello fellow Queen:) I am still a work in progress when it comes to drama. I purchased the same book after Kelly recommended it at Taproot; loved it but it made me take a long hard look at myself. (not always fun ) glad to know I am not alone. XOXOX

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