Bringing it ALL together

I finally have chosen my four pillars; these are areas where I want to spend a bulk of my time.

Pillar 1: Family/Relationships

Pillar 2: Spiritual

Pillar 3: Creative Ventures/ Photography

Pillar 4: Health/Fitness

Now, that we have determined where we want to spend our time; we need to fit these pillars into our daily rhythm. So,here is the next task: rewrite your daily agenda and include your four pillars. See where each one can be placed into your daily routines; you do not have to allot time for each pillar everyday.  I suggest you schedule time each Friday for next weeks planning. Make sure to proactively include each of your pillars when planning your next week.

Happy Planning Everyone!!!

One thought on “Bringing it ALL together

  1. Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for this! My pillars are very similar to yours and I think your idea to have a Friday planning session is a great one. When I was “working” (before kids) I always took time to plan ahead–in my day planner–and now I’m trying to do most of this in my head! (no wonder I have trouble sleeping) I’m off to look for a good planning tool…I feel more calm already!

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