Sunday Funnies

My weeks start on Sunday, so I wanted to find a new way to kick them off with a bang or should I say a laugh?  So, the Sunday Funnies “The Warren’s Style” was created.These are not the funnies from our childhood (Archie & the Gang, Garfield) nope these are some bust out laughing, tears a falling & did I just read that correctly funnies.  I find that the world is a little to heavy for me lately; I need humor to survive.  Now keep mind you my humor is a little off kilter and some may not find my posts as funny as I do.  That’s alright; feel free to post one of your favorite funnies. This series will be will continue for as long as I need a good laugh to start my week. So, here’s the first of many Sunday Funnies; let the laughter begin!

1st funny

6 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies

  1. OK Andrea – you know I LOVE this! We homeschool mom/pole dancers extraordinaire types need to stick together!! Off to strut my stuff while I clean out the refrigerator:)

    Love, Aliosn

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