Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Bat Cave, NCmflutter

Halloween is Logan’s & Sophia’s favorite holiday for obvious reasons candy,costumes & later bedtimes; we go loopy for Halloween in this house. Yes, we allow candy & we check every piece before they can consume any. Logan always accuses us that his bag feels a little lighter after the inspection. WE have no idea how that happens? (Of course he does)

Some last minute fun ideas for Halloween. Enjoy

Five Little Pumpkins crafts

Sophia’s favorite

One that I could even do:)

Our family tradition is to carve our pumpkins the night before Halloween found some great ideas here

Have a wonderful time with the children tonight and don’t forget to thoroughly check those candy bags:)

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Of course you would check the candy. AND remind your readers – twice!

    We carved pumpkins last night too. The are all lit up around the house waiting for the little goblins to wake up.

    And in case you were wondering, I hate halloween. I know you’re not surprised.

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