Tiny Adjustments Can Have a Big Impact

I used to try figure out where the time went at end of each day.  I felt like nothing ever got done.  Then I would feel overwhelmed, thinking of how I am going to fit it all into the next day? Fining tuning helped so much moving the must have & dos;to the it can wait awhile pile as the first step.

The next step granted me so much more time; a friend suggested getting up at 5:30am. WHAT!!! I am not a morning person and 5:30am seemed nuts to me. It’s still dark out; nobody is up at this time.  Well, guess what there are people up at this time, MOMS.  Mom’s who are getting a handle on their rhythm and making sure their days are streamlined. I have to admit I still do not wake up at 5:30, but I have started to rise at 6:30am; I find I am much happier person now that I have made this very minor adjustment.

As the house seats still so do I; I find a quite place and just breathe.  I do not mediate, so this is as close as I get, my Sanguine Temperament makes it very difficult for me seat still.  If  I only seat  15 minutes there is a clear variation in how my day runs. Sometimes, I go all out  lighting a candle or some incense hoping to elongate my stillness(it helps most of the time).  I then proceed to getting our day organized; most of it is planned since we homeschool, but there are days where I still need to do some work.

If you can take this time for yourself each morning and allow yourself a big breath out before you jump into your day it will give the peace you need to get through your day.

Honor your time & yourself..

6 thoughts on “Tiny Adjustments Can Have a Big Impact

  1. I know you know I’m a morning person, but if the shoe were on the other foot and someone told me I had to stay up another hour (until some ungodly hour like 10pm!!) I don’t think I could do it. I would start crying. I give you your props for going against your natural clock.

    If we were neighbors, we could have coffee together . . . I’ll bring the french press; you bring the 151.


    Great to catch up with you this afternoon.
    I don’t know what I would do without you.

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