Fine Tuning Our Days

Now we want to look closely at our typical daily activities and place them in one of four categories described below:


Box I items are Urgent & Important
Examples: Your child has a high fever and needs to go to the doctor
                   Your partner’s car has broken down and you need to go 
                     and pick them up
Box II items Not Urgent/Important
Examples: Taking your child out for a date night
                  Weekly Planning (meal planning, lesson plans & groceries)
Box III items Urgent/Not Important
Examples:  Laundry
                   Answering your phone every time it rings
                   Responding immediately to all emails or text
                  Household Chores
Box IV items Not Urgent/Not Important
Examples: Surfing the web
                   Watching TV  
                  Researching Recipes

 I’ll bet you will find (if you are truly honest with yourself) that many of the activities you spend your time with are urgent but not important.  It’s important to plan your days/weeks so that you are running your day and your day is not running you.  If you do not do a good job planning, you will end up just “putting out the nearest fire” all day and find that you are rarely as productive as you would like to be.  If you take the time to consistently plan each week(and work on spending as much time as possible in the Important but not Urgent category), you will find that you are not only spending your time in optimal ways, but you are also proactively putting out those fires that tend to pop up all day. (forgot key ingredient for tonight’s dinner, overdue library books or bring forgotten cleats for practice)

That naturally leads us to the next step; what is important to us?  For each, that answer is different but what do you want to be spending your time doing?

Here’s your homework for next Monday:

Pick your 4 pillars examples:




Hobby/Learn a Foreign Language

Have a great week everyone!!!

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