Rhythm,Cadence,Time Management OH My…

Just a reminder that Monday we will be starting our six week series on how you can create a rhythm that works for you & your pre-teen.  The idea for this series came from something I really needed help with (and I’m sure many of you as well).  There were so many discussions about creating a rhythm for babies & toddlers.  What happens when our children grow and our need to adjust our cadence confronts us; when co-op, music lessons and sports enter into our lives?  So, I asked Philip to share with us his proven time management system that he shares with businesses across the country.  How we meet these challenges will make all the difference in our family’s lives.  We will look at ways to address these changes while keeping our family on solid ground.
Hope you join me!

5 thoughts on “Rhythm,Cadence,Time Management OH My…

  1. Oh yes! No doubt all of my ancestors shared these challenges. Hope prevails! (Picture me patiently, yet eagerly, awaiting enlightenment.)

      • Exhausting and rewarding are the words I use most often when asked how it’s going. We’ve made it through 2 1/2 subjects in 5 weeks. We’re both learning. We’ve leaned heavily on experiencing Astronomy, Geology, and Business Math, not to mention lots and lots of reading.

        Reporting and documentation need serious work! A system for visioning/planning main lesson books, not to mention explaining directions and expectations, would be very helpful. (In other words, executive function is a struggle for all of us.)

      • Hey Becky!
        That’s a lot of stuff you’ve got going on. Homeschooling is managing so many things – no one can do it all. Remember, those Waldorf teachers and other school teachers take work days. I try to schedule these in periodically so I can get all those other things done. My husband usually takes the boys out somewhere so I can have the house to myself.

        Cling to what is rewarding and try to go to bed earlier (laughing out loud here).

        Glad you are keeping in touch.

  2. I’m commenting so I can remember to come back and check this out. My kids are very active in drama, music, youth group, etc. But two weeks ago, my daughter hurt her ankle and will be in orthopedic therapy two nights a week for the next ten weeks. I have no idea how I’m going to fit that into our busy schedule!

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