Friday Favorites..Month End

As the month draws to its end I begin to look inward.  This is when I can take the time to ask what has this month has brought and share what I have enjoyed the most.

I loved Carrie’s post on the twelve year old her post arrived at the perfect time nine days before Logan turned 12.

So more thought provoking reads:

Why Storytelling is Way Better than Lecturing your Kids

When Our Children’s Dreams are Different From Our Own

Why Our Kids Need Play, Now More Than Ever

Just for fun…

Lori shared at great blog that I have been enjoying reading through all week Happy Whimsical Hearts .

Another shout to Lori and her wonderful blog.  I made these muffins this week, they lasted less than four hours.  Also, can’t wait to make Lori’s gluten-free dragon bread for our up coming Michaelmas Festival.

Kelly over at Our Fine Full Days seemed to enjoy all of the flour-less brownie recipes I have been sharing over at Facebook this is my favorite recipe.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and Happy Michaelmas!

PS Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win some wonderful Stockmar Art Supplies click here than jump over to Sheila’s blog to enter for another chance to win!

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