US Geography Block

    I originally planned a Habitat & Animal block for Sophia this month.  Then I looked at what she would be accomplishing throughout the year at the Farm School she is attending and decided we had this block pretty well covered.  Lucky for me I had my year planned and could switch gears fairly easily.   I was a little biased about the block we would do; I love US Geography and could not wait to introduce it.  My earlier plans included maps, regional stories & a few documentaries.  This intention was quickly flipped on its head when I was invited through Facebook to a Pen Pal group.  I jumped at the chance the join and my creative juices started flowing with how I we could incorporate this into our US Geography block. (Social Media and Waldorf. Who Knew?)

   Here is how our US Geography block will look:

Spines:   Stories from Where We Live edited by Sara St. Antoine

                State Names, Seals, Flags & Symbols by Benjamin F. Shearer & Barbara S. Shearer

The United States of America A State-by-State Guide by Millie Miller & Cyndi Nelson

      Maps, Maps & more Maps

   Our pen pals have started sending us postcards from each of the 50 States and we plan to reciprocate to each pal. The intention is to create a main lesson book using each postcards, writing a small summary and decoupaging state symbols to our page.   Four weeks can be problematic for students; especially those experiencing the nine-year change. I plan to incorporate multitude of activates to keep Sophia engaged, but not overwhelmed.

Mom’s contribution to the block:

Share the beauty of our country

Continue our study on birds

Build Sophia’s confidence with her artistic expression, using simple techniques that have a lot of impact.

  We are both in a tizzy about starting this block today.  We picked up more postcards from our post box yesterday. (Fun!!)

*****If anyone is interested in sending us a postcard let me know we would love to receive some from our blog friends.

12 thoughts on “US Geography Block

  1. Love to see where life takes us! Postcard geography is really fun – builds in anticipation and surprise, and makes for great memories, too. If you want to add in folk songs from the regions, poetry and even regional foods, here are some of my favorite resources you can find at your local library:

    Gonna Sing My Head Off! American Folk Songs for Children (Kathleen Krull)
    *(newer edition has a different title)
    My America: A Poetry Atlas of the United States (Hopkins)
    Better Homes & Gardens Heritage of America Cookbook

    And let me know if you want a postcard from Ohio!

    Waldorf and social media, who knew!?! Have fun!

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