Reminder #9 & Walk #1

Every Thursday I usually post a picture with a powerful quote, that I wish I would have written.  The next six weeks I will be doing something completely different.  As summer approaches, kids go off to camp and my days are spent in solitude, I wanted to focus more on me.  Even writing “focus on me” makes me cringe, I struggle daily to take even a second for myself and that is why I have chosen the next six weeks to focus a large portion of my time on ME.  I have created a list of areas I would like center my attention on,the first being CREATE more . I have chosen photography in hopes to improve upon my amateur status throughout the next six weeks.

My Goals:

Is to take an early morning walk with my favorite 4 legged companion Wiggles and capture what the day  reveals to me.

To open my heart to allowing and receiving the gifts that surround me each morning.

Lastly, to quiet my mind by taking a huge breath out and centering myself before I start my day.

1st Morning Walk June 13th,2013

hickory nut

seeing color

more color

wild strawberries

“Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world I feel like I can’t take it, like my heart’s going to cave in.”

Ricky Fitts  American Beauty

What will you focus on this summer?

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