Friday’s Recollection

As the weekend draws near I begin to look inward.  This is when I can take the time to ask what has this week brought and share the lessons I learned.

how will I feel my wheelbarrel

I have begun to prepare for the summer,collecting reading materials and of course planning for the upcoming school year.

Here are a few sites that have provided inspiration along with guidance as I formulate my summer intentions. Classes starts Saturday June 1st. BYO Beloved: Creating Self-Care Policies is a new workshop in the Be Your Own Beloved series, helping you create more space in your life for self-compassion and self-care using self-portraiture as a tool to create this for ourselves!

This 14 day workshop is a powerful jolt of inspiration, helping you to brainstorm and then fine tune creating some self-care practices to help fuel you and to claim space in your life for YOU. I know I have mentioned Jean in an earlier post,just had to mention her site again.  This Monday Sheila & I have an entire day of planning scheduled with Jean.  I can not even express how excited I am to be sitting face to face with Jean having her guide me through both 6th & 4th grade. I feel so blessed she has offered to share her wisdom and experiences with us.

 Jean Miller is the mother of three children and has been homeschooling inspired by Waldorf education for almost 20 years. She lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband of 24 years and their youngest child, who is still on the homeschooling journey in eighth grade; their two sons are now in college.  Jean has a Master of Arts in Teaching and has taught in both public and private schools, has tutored, homeschooled and taught small groups. She has been involved in and spearheaded several Waldorf-inspired groups over the years including Bridgeways, a charter school initiative, and now Rainbow’s Edge, a small cooperative grades group. Her knowledge of Waldorf education comes from attending workshops, extensive reading, and planning and implementing many lessons. For the past five summers, Jean has been one of the teachers presenting at the Taproot Teacher Training, organized by one of her mentors, Barbara Dewey, of Waldorf Without Walls. Jean finds inspiration not only in teaching and building community, but also from nature, poetry, the creative arts and singing.     Donna Ashton’s 4th Annual Global Waldorf Expo is a yearly stop for me. I  listened to her expo again this past weekend and plan to purchase the Mp3’s.(wonderful reference tool throughout the year) Donna is in her element while doing these expos, invaluable information for the new homeschooler as well as the seasoned vet. Loved the addition of Alison Manzer too, a wonderful new voice in the Waldorf community. Lastly, I have registered for a second year of Waldorf Without Walls teacher training at Taproot. Sheila and I had such life changing experience last year, it was only natural we would attend this year. Barbara and her team come highly recommended; during a recent conversation with Eric Fairman,( not knowing I was familiar with Barbara) he strongly recommended Barbara and her teacher training.  I felt pretty confident before,now with Eric’s endorsement I am certain this will become an annual trip.

Homeschool Teacher Training

At Taproot Farm, Barbara and Quimby’s home

Grades 1–8     $350

August 1-4, 2013

Three day course. Tuition includes room and board.

Come and enjoy life in the country, while you learn. Other amenities include the use of Barbara’s extensive library, ability to prepare for two grades, canoe, swim, hike, evening activities, such as campfire, discussions and games.

It is our purpose to offer a training to suit the unique situation of homeschooling parents and teachers of small groups, keeping in mind the advantages of working in a home, applying Steiner’s philosophy to the needs of the homeschooling family.

What are your plans for summer?

Any great retreats you want to share?

Wishing all of you a safe and peaceful weekend!

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