Shout Out: Global Waldorf Expo

10 days of vacation without blogging has been tough. I wanted to share Sheila’s post about Donna’s exceptional expo. This will be my first year and I am so looking forward to it!!!

Sure as the World

I listed Donna Ashton’s 4th Annual Global Waldorf Expo in my Links and Thinks this week, but I wanted to give it a proper mention. When I first came to Waldorf, Donna had just recorded her first Expo. I purchased those recordings and things like rhythm, main lesson blocks and the temperaments finally started to make some sense. I love having an audio library that I can listen to during my summer planning and also throughout the year. I had planned on purchasing this year’s recordings as well and was surprised by a sweet incentive in my inbox this morning.
Early Bird *Special*
For any Expo package purchased Now thru May 14 (Option 1,2 or 3) receive
The Special Jumpstart: Waldorf Basics Program FREE!  $97 Value
For anyone who purchases Option 3: Grand Package (All 4 Years of the Expo products)
You will get your choice of the:

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