Friday’s Recollection

there he is!!!!

there he is!!!!

As the weekend draws near I begin to look inward.  This is when I can take the time to ask what has this week brought and share what I have learned.

Jean a resident of Letters from Ladytown has an amazing site and is wealth information.  Looking forward to consulting with her this summer.

Great post  on cooking gluten-free pasta.  I have been enemies with GF pasta and now after reading this post I think we can be friends.

Another beautiful voice has joined us in the blogoshere  Kelley over at brings a fresh new perspective to homeschooling.

Tomorrow Sheila & I travel to Hot-Lanta for the Peach Cobbler’s Curriculum fair.  The Final Four & a homeschool conference(pinch me!!! have I died & gone to heaven)

Have super weekend everyone:)

GOOOO Wichita State!!!

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